Monday, 31 May 2010

Murder Must Advertise!

This book is by Dorothy L Sayers and is fresh, funny and relevant today as a critique of advertising, capitalism etc in a humourous way.  The author worked for 11 years as a copywriter so she is questioning rather than biting the hand that feeds her.. and her experience adds to the sparkle and the satire of this very readable detective story.  Lord Peter Wimsey, her creation, part Jeeves, part Wooster - very debonaire and clever, has been invited to work incognito in an ad agency after a suspicious death.  His expensive shoes are remarked on, but generally he disguises his usual suave demeanour and starts to enjoy earning a living.  The plot develops well, with humour, style and good writing and a great cricket match even if you don't have a clue about cricket, though some of the vocabulary needs a glossary.  Read!