Friday, 16 April 2010

Katharine McMahon's favourite books

Hi - I have just read Lovereading's latest recommendations and shamelessly voted for Mary Renault for the 'Lost Booker' prize as I loved her books as a teenager. (I say shamelessly as I haven't read them - and there must be strong competition from Muriel Spark and Patrick White and the others - great reputations as writers.)  'The Bull from the Sea' was the Mary Renault book I remember - about Theseus and Ariadne from A's point of view.

Anyway, Katharine McMahon is guest editor this month, and has chosen her favourite books .  I think 'Stuck in a Book' will like these too! 

Orange Broadband Prize for Fiction - Red Carpet
I'm reading 'The Road Home' by Rose Tremain right now and enjoying it, though it is a bit close to home as I have some Polish friends - while their story is different, the 'no jobs' situation is the same as the hero of this book.  Let's hope Poland does have jobs from joining the EEC...

I also enjoyed KM's The Rose of Sebastopol and The Alchemist's Daughter (you can find out about those through the link at 'favourite books' and read extracts).

And now the season is almost right for reading outside - have preempted summer by sitting against my apple tree with my book and tea and Hot Cross bun!